video, color, sound, 14’17”, (video stills)
1646 The Hague (February 2015)
(publication of the Conversation –  1646 Gallery)

The conversation between me and Aernout Mik was part of the the exhibition at 1646 in The Hague. Aernout and I discussed the work process but also the general topics addressed by my video, such as the value of the political and religious institutions, and the manifestation of their hierarchical power through media and appearance. To challenge even more the hierarchical value of voice within our meetings, I proposed to Aernout to record our conversation and later to lip synch each others voice. The content of the conversation belongs to the real speaker but the voices are switched. Can this manipulation disturbed the viewer’s perception of the value given to the content of the conversation?

Public screening:

Gallery 1646, The Hague (February 2015)

Exhibition view at 1646 (link to the event):

(foto: Floris Kruidenberg)

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