CUORE SACRO, recorded performance (3’00”)
Live and in-situ collaborative work in progress – Royal College of Art (RCA) Battersea, London

‘My performance was a simple gesture: I uncovered part of my chest to reveal a projection of a beating human heart on my skin for three minutes long. The image, simple yet strong, was a reflection on the power of religious images. I was interested in how this could change through various elements of the performance. Normally I work with internet footage without involving myself in my artistic research. The exchange pushed me to react quickly, producing outcomes in one day. The big challenge and risk for me was to be genuine and close to my research at the same time.’M.A. Performance Pathway, Royal College of Art in London (RCA) and Master Artistic Research (MAR) in The Hague
The ‘exchange’ was hosted by artist and RCA Senior Tutor performance Nigel Rolfe, and artist and MAR tutor Yael Davids

Link to the recorded performance

DIS-APPearance, documentation performance (duration: variable)
Live and in-situ collaborative work in progress – Walden Affaire project space, The Hague 

My performance is a simple action: holding a basin containing water motionless with an unbaked clay figure. The performance lasts as long as it takes for the water to wet the uncooked clay and dissolve the statue of the Madonna. The image changes slowly and forces the observer to exercise patience, especially today when one is accustomed to a quick consumption of images thanks to social media.

Link recent performance

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